[PD] -rt freeze on a mac linux-2.6.3 and the patch

navz at dreaming.org navz at dreaming.org
Tue Feb 24 04:08:42 CET 2004


i am using linux 2.6.3-rc3-ben1 (for ppc) on an ibook g4, with
pd-0.37-1test6.  When i tried using the -rt option on pd start, the
kernel hangs the keyboard and if I try and kill X (Xfree
(4.4.0 RC 2)) then I am left with a green screen.

also, i have used this patch, on s_inter.c line 515

//  p3 = (higher ? p2 - 1 : p2 - 3);
    p3 = (higher ? p1 + 3 : p1 + 1);

and now, after doing a make with this patch, the pd process will almost drown
out my other processes completely.  for example, i launched pdp_zoom and
a quicktime and it suddenly slowed everything (including the movie) down
to a crawl... my only hope was to escape to a terminal and kill -9 the
pd process.  although this was a very difficult thing to do since
everything (including keyboard interrupts and mouse/trackpad response)
was saturated by the rampant pd process.

hope this helps.



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