[PD] pd compilation problem

Ed Kelly loneshark at btopenworld.com
Tue Feb 24 14:37:22 CET 2004

A-ha! I'm guessing you have RedHat 9? But I had the same problem. PD looks
in all locations specified by the $PATH variable for libtk.so.0, however if
you do a

ls libtk* -al

in /usr/lib you will see that the tk libs are named something else -
libtk8.3.so.1 I think!

You can trick PD into finding the lib by making a link, say

ln -s libtk8.3.so.1 libtk.so.0

in /usr/lib. That way, PD finds the link, which points to the lib.


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Hi Everyone!

running a ./configure on osx and got the following:
checking for main in -ltcl8.7... no
checking for main in -ltcl8.6... no
checking for main in -ltcl8.5... no
checking for main in -ltcl8.4... no
checking for main in -ltcl8.3... yes
checking for main in -ltk8.3... no
no tk library found

tried with -libpath=/sw/lib
but had no effect.
i have two icl/tk installed, one that comes with osx by default and another
via fink

this might just be a small error in my paths, or ./configure flags, but if
anyone has a quick idea about how to solve this... :-)

have a nice time

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