[PD] Red Hat 9 and PD

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Wed Feb 25 05:58:06 CET 2004

there are reports the the 2.6.x kernels are significantly (like 40% 
sometimes) faster than the 2.4.x kernels.


thewade wrote:

>If blackbox is fast, how does it rank versus Window Maker?
>Also, is there a performance difference between RH9 and Fedora core test2?
>Im just downloading the new iso images now, and I hear that FC2 runs the 2.6 kernal, so it sould run fine on my old 700Mhz 384Megs RAM laptop, which is now running rh9 w/ planet ccrma kernal, yes?
>I ask because I havent been able to run gem and pd at once without audio pops on screen redraw (and even got pops when I moves the mouse around without gem in complex patches - not dragging anything either!), and I havent been able to get libquicktime and ffmpeg to compile togeather in order to run pdp.
>Thats a long and unweildly sentance, is it not?
>Lastly, im looking for the next platform to run PD for shows. Im not over buying a desktop, as it seems like more power for the money, but a laptop is preffered. Ive been waiting to get either the new g5 laptop, or the new amd64FX laptop, if either ever come out. Id proabably run linux 2.6 on it. What are peoples dream PD machines. Sence this last question is slightly OT, perhaps emailing me directly is preffered?
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