[PD] problem with [ignore]

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Wed Feb 25 15:44:56 CET 2004

Hi Anton,
i don't know if it's related to your problem, but i was having troubles with
stack overflows as well.
To get rid of it i introduced a different stack overflow detection in the
devel_0_37 cvs version a while ago. I really cant't imagine how the original
code can actually be working across several platforms.
You should probably try if that cvs version works for you as well.

best greetings,

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Subject: [PD] problem with [ignore]

> Hello list,
> i'm having trouble getting rid of stack overflow issue. The best object to
> solve it happens to be [ignore], (change is not going to help int his
> particular situation).
> However when i connect a [+] object to ignore, then add some stuff up, set
> the ignore to a reasonable timing, say 100 ms, the new value isnt let thru
> by ignore, even though it is being presented to ignore for a lot longer
> 100 ms.
> Now if i connect a number box directly to the ignore, it works just fine.
> And if i connect a numberbox directly to the [+] then that works just fine
> aswell.
> So somehow, i guess, the results of the equation arent being passed on to
> the ignore for a very long time.
> So, im looking for suggestions to solve this problem as its been
> me for nearly a week now.
> Thanks.
> Anton
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