[PD] midi clock sync > [midirealtimein] [midiclkin]

Urs Jeltsch uese at anorg.net
Wed Feb 25 17:59:15 CET 2004

I'm pretty new to pd and i'm just trying to sync pd to an external midi 
i read about midirealtimein and midiclkin:

[midiclkin]: doesn't seem to work under osx
[midirealtimein]: i only get a lot of zeros

so, i send the zeros to a [bang] object to time a counter - instead of 
the [metro]. now, the counter went pretty fast!
Then i tried [div 3] to slow the counter down. now it seems to be 
pretty much in time - but twice the speed of the midiclock.

Can anyone tell my what kind of messages i receive with 
[midirealtimein] - i read about, that i should get FF an F8 messages, 
but only got zeros at the outlet? and if anybody also has tried my way?
Or if their are other ways to use external midiclock?


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