[PD] Red Hat 9 and PD - RH9 is rubbish-7.3 is not

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Wed Feb 25 19:31:15 CET 2004


i feel like the sole defender of redhat these days but 7.3 works 
like a dream for me
turning of "Nautilus" on my laptop got me even more speed

pd with ALSA, midiin, GEM all work
i tend towards GEM G4 now because it seems more closely related to 
the work i want to be doing

But redhat 9.0 might be rubbsh but 7.3 is not. It really just 
matters what you want to do.
Anything after 7.3 seems to try to be the M$ of linux but i have 
always felt that if you get a good linu/unix book that works for 
what you need one must avoid the lure of teh upgrade for a while.


Patrick Pagano, B.S.,M.F.A Candidate
Research And Development Assistant
Digital Worlds Institute
University Of Florida
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