[ot] Distros and linux newbies (was: [PD] Red Hat 9 and PD - RH9 is rubbish-7.3 is not)

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Thu Feb 26 01:09:57 CET 2004

I was recently searching for my dream distri because I felt Mandrake 
which I run was to bloated. I tried the hardcore way with Gentoo but 
gave up. I got a Kernel running and had to start over to build the 
XServer, but I would like to have some concerts and exhibitions in THIS 
year too.

The pure, 'woody' way of installing Debian failed on my little 
barebonebox, to much drivers missing (nvidia stuff etc). BUT there is 
some other, more recent ways to get a Debian running. The livesystem 
Knoppix is often mentioned firstplace but it was not easy to install on 
harddisk and it is a bit to mixed up for being a real Debian. But the 
derieved Kanotix-distribution I can recommend, a livesystem which can 
result in a running Debian on your harddisk.



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