[PD] Red Hat 9 and PD - RH9 is rubbish

john saylor js at wave.dnsalias.org
Thu Feb 26 03:55:18 CET 2004


( 04.02.25 14:04 +0000 ) Padraig Kitterick:
> If you want more optimisation then Gentoo is a good choice.

i use gentoo and they even had a pd ebuild [i think it's been masked
now, so it won't work- too hard to keep up with the releases i'd guess].

i like it and would recommend it. but you'll need to know something
about your hardware, and how software works with it to get the most out
of it.

also, i'd echo what yves said earlier- 'trust the source, luke'. to get
good audio on linux you're going to have to understand a lot of it
yourself. this is probably a mostly good thing, and you can get awesome
audio- but it takes work.

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