[PD] newbie :: listing a directory

yannick.dauby at free.fr yannick.dauby at free.fr
Thu Feb 26 11:38:11 CET 2004

hi list !

i am just starting pd/linux... (and very excited about it!)
i am currently writing during a workshop runned by the friendly karosta sound
explorer, derek holzer...

now, i have a question for you :

i need to grab randomly an audiofile name from a directory, which is supposed to
be updated frequently.
i was used to make such things in max/msp with the combination of folder and
menu objects. is there a way to do that inside pd ?
derek proposed me to make a script into the linux os, but i am wondering if
anybody developped an object that could be easier for me to use (i am totally
unfamiliar with linux tricks...).


yannick dauby


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