[PD] Pocket PANSE!

Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Fri Feb 27 23:37:06 CET 2004

I've finally managed to make a simple J2me based client (for Java supporting
cellphones) that connects to my PANSE project (
It's actually little more than a novelty right now but as I'm rather new to
this stuff I want to share it with others and see what sort of things others
may be able to do with it. Also, my phone doesn't support Java so I haven't
actually tested this on a real phone and would appreciate hearing from
people who can run this on an actual phone. I've only tried it on the
emulator that comes with the J2me wireless toolkit.

What it does is make a connection to the PANSE server and then plays the
values it receives as tones on the phone (yeah! live audio on your
cellphone!). If you try it out while sitting at your computer you can
actually play around with some of the interfaces at the PANSE site and you
will hear the changes to the audio on your phone. So anyway, it can be
installed via OTA at or if
you want to look at the code and mess around with it, you can download the
whole package at

Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula

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