[PD] Re: Re: compile errors and test 0.37

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Sat Feb 28 16:35:26 CET 2004

Thanks all, Especially for the two takes on solving the problem.

Now I have two problems:

Firstly for Yves - Im compiling pidip and I get lots of these warnings compiling ImageMagick, is this a problem?
hashmap.c:1361: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules 
(where the file throwing the warning changes)

My seccond problem is with alsa and the new 2.6 kernal.
How do I get audio set up? Im rebuilding the kernal with a few options turned on, but I have errors
installing. it says that the bzImage is created fine, but then I get some errors after that and my
sudo make install crashes.
There is no modules.conf file for me to monkey with, to get audio to work either, so I have this
super-duper os which works much better on my old laptop, but now I have no audio.
Oh, and the tears come pouring fourth.

Jack and alsa-lib and alsa-util all built fine, so I assume alsa is all running, just no soundcards...

Thanks for the help, oh supreme PD gurus,
May blessings be placed on the heads of you and your children


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