[PD] in which context is GEM slow ?

cgc at humboldtblvd.com cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Thu Feb 19 17:55:34 CET 2004

Quoting julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net:

> There is a HUGE speed difference depending if you use [pix_texture] or
> [pix_draw]
> that was the problem, sorry for this 
> by the way, thanks to the [pix_texture2] object, you can use any image
> size

Well, you still need an actual video card rather than that Intel chip to do much
of anything useful in GEM.  pix_texture2 is actually gone from GEM now, and in
any case it doesn't really do arbitrary image sizes on Windows it just uses
black pixels to fill in the rest of the power of two texture.  It's very


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