[PD] Quest for usb-audio:linux 2.6.3

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 1 00:20:51 CET 2004

thewade hat gesagt: // thewade wrote:

> Oh, shoot!
> Well, what is the ultimate audio device for linux then? Obviously
> this question has been asked before, but what if I ask what are the
> manufacturers that consistantly provide solid linux audio hardware?
> I assume then that midiman 2x2 will not run in 2.6 either, right?

No, the 2x2 works fine, AFAIK. Also some other M-Audio devices do
work, but not the Quattro and the Audiophile USB and - according to
your logfile excerpt - the Duo. ("Invalid alt settings" is a typical
error in this case.)

> What are the cool usb devices, and what are the cool manufacturers
> then?  

I liked the Terratec Phase 26 in my tests, which is of similar quality
as the duo. There are a lot of cool USB devices, that still work on

I'll probably buy the Terratec Aureon USB. 

(BTW: Anyone interested in my Quattro? Very good condition, unopened
driver CD. Contact me privatly. ;)

> Is there a list of this kind of thing? Alsa said that the duo
> would work, and it did with 2.4, so I imagine that any list they
> would have would be unrelyable for 2.6 specifics...

See above for the small number of known un-2.6 devices. I'll contact
the alsa-devs to update their soundcard matrix.

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