[PD] "Prerecord buffer" patch

Karl Nilsson karl.nilsson at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 1 14:50:09 CET 2004


This is my first post to the list so I suppose I am a newbie at many pd
things although I have been involved with electronic music for some time.

I want to create a patch that kind of simulates the 'pre-record" function
that is found on e.g. soundforge 7 and in protools, i.e. it continuously
buffers a few seconds of the audio input so that when you start recording it
includes this data into the file.
I found a linux app that does pretty much this
(http://www.hut.fi/~spniskan/quickrecord/) but I mainly us Windows, hence
the need to do this patch. I presume I need to use many small buffers (say
100*0.1sec for a 10sec buffer) using arrays, but these then need to be
organised so that new buffers are appended to the 'end' of the 10seconds and
the oldest buffer deleted.

Can anyone provide any suggestions or pointers as to what objects to use and
how to implements this. I am naturally not expecting anyone to do this patch
for me just nudge me in the right direction....

Many thanks

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