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Ahh yes - thank you. Naturally the next thing I did after sending this
message was figuring it out myself, but thanks. It was of course a lot
easier than I originally thought. Not sure why I thought I had to organise a
bunch of smaller buffers... Well got a patch working now that I am going to
expand on when I get home from work...

Thanks for the delayed stop message tip, I hadnt thoguht of that one yet.

Many thanks

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aha, I asked a similar question a number of months ago.
you need to use delwrite~ and delread~

So if you want to continuously buffer the last 5 seconds of audio, send the
audio to an object like:-

[delwrite~ buf1 5000]

and record from the

[delread~ buf1]

giving it the number 5000 (5 times 1000 miliseconds) to tell it to read what
came in 5 seconds ago.
the easiest way is then to delay the 'stop' message by the same amount
(using a non-signal [delay 5000]), so that it continues to record up until
the user stopped the recording, otherwise you will lose the last 5 secs.



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> Hi,
> This is my first post to the list so I suppose I am a newbie at many 
> pd things although I have been involved with electronic music for some
> I want to create a patch that kind of simulates the 'pre-record" 
> function that is found on e.g. soundforge 7 and in protools, i.e. it 
> continuously buffers a few seconds of the audio input so that when you 
> start recording
> includes this data into the file.
> I found a linux app that does pretty much this
> (http://www.hut.fi/~spniskan/quickrecord/) but I mainly us Windows, 
> hence the need to do this patch. I presume I need to use many small 
> buffers (say 100*0.1sec for a 10sec buffer) using arrays, but these 
> then need to be organised so that new buffers are appended to the 
> 'end' of the 10seconds
> the oldest buffer deleted.
> Can anyone provide any suggestions or pointers as to what objects to 
> use
> how to implements this. I am naturally not expecting anyone to do this
> for me just nudge me in the right direction....
> Many thanks
> Karl
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