[PD] video-cam input pdp

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Mar 1 18:11:15 CET 2004

Hi James,

James Tittle II wrote:

> ...sure:  first step would be to port v4l (video 4 linux) to mac 
> osx...barring that, you could try to write an object for native video 
> input on osx, perhaps using the already working GEM pix_video object as 
> a guideline...otherwise, I'd just use gem and pdp together, with the 
> gem2pdp/pdp2gem bridges...

Current programming [dis]abilties prevent the first two options ;-)

But in the case of using the pdp2gem/gem2pdp bridges, there is still one 

There is no Makefile for OSX in Yves' tarball of pdp2gem/gem2pdp.
Does naybody have a working makefile or compiled binary for these two 
objects for OSX [ver= 10.3]?

Derek [+ Sara]

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