[PD] pidip-0.12.12 autoconf issue

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Mar 3 03:44:04 CET 2004


i'm trying to upgrade pidip from 0.12.9 to 0.12.12 and hitting this
autoconf error:

[bsack at blini pidip-0.12.12]$ autoconf
Can't locate object method "path" via package "Autom4te::Request" at
/usr/bin/autom4te line 81.

is this a problem with my version of autoconf?

[bsack at blini pidip-0.12.12]$ autoconf --version
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.57

(from RH9 on an i386, by the way)

i've gone over my pre-autoconf changes to configure.ac, and i think
they're all kosher. anybody have a clue?

many thanks,
Bill Sack

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