[PD] delwrite~, FIR~, external data rate?

matthew jones m.jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Wed Mar 3 12:02:38 CET 2004

Firstly, sorry for the heap of questions!!
hope somebody can help, big complex patch/external plans ahead.....

(1) If I write an external, is there someway to avoid excessive calculations
from interrupting the audio? so if the external is an audio signal external,
is it possible to do some of the calculations at 'data' rate so it will just
keep calculating until it is finished without causing nasty glitches in the
audio output?

(2) Is there some way of grabbing the circular buffered data stored in a
delwrite~ for use with calculations??
a delwrite~ called the same as an array on screen seem to have nothing to do
with each other.

(3) Any idea how to implement cross-correlation? FIR~ is suited for short
filters is it not?  I need to be convolving long signals (maybe with
artificially decreased sample rate - how to do this on-the-fly too??!)

thanks in advance for ANY help at all!



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