[PD] raw keyboard input?

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Mar 3 16:04:27 CET 2004

hi again,
i have a series of patches that i need to be able to control through 
keyboard commands regardless of whether the window containing the pd 
object that grabs the input is the current focus or not. did that 
sentence make any sense? i need to be able to get the raw stuff from the 
keyboard input which i can then filter and interpret at will.

i found and built hans' linuxevent objects, but i'm missing some basic 
bit of information regarding the linux event system. the hid module is 
loaded on my machine, but trying any of the examples in linuxhid reports 
something like:

[linuxevent] open /dev/input/keyboard failed

googling around produced the USB HID for Linux USB document which didn't 
really help that much.

can anyone suggest a way to do this in pd with linux? i'd realy like to 
do it inside pd, as opposed to yet another helper app that communicates 
via netreceive, etc. i'd also like to avoid any additional hardware, 
i.e. usb or serial outboard devices.

grateful as always,
Bill Sack

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