[PD] PDP: better optimization for OSX?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Mar 4 13:48:48 CET 2004

Just playing around this week with PDP on a fairly new TiBook and have 
noticed it is horribly inefficient. A patch which runs between 50 and 
80% on my Gentoo 1.6 GHz laptop peaks out between 250 and 300% on the G4 
1 GHz Mac! I can forward the patch to the list, but it is a simple video 
mixer with the capability to loop sequences of 1-50 frames in a somewhat 
random order. Really only two [pdp_qt] objects going to a [pdp_mixer2] 
and a few [metro]s and [random]s to play the clips. Nothing special.

We are using Yves' packages. I wonder if it is possible to optimize the 
Makefile better for the G4 processor?

Any ideas?

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