[PD] load a wav file -> dsp turning off ????

Eric Skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Thu Mar 4 17:53:37 CET 2004


i've been using readsf~ to stream audio into arrays. this works well, 
but i still run across some problems occasionally resizing large arrays 
and then streaming into them. the best option is to have an array as 
large as your largest sample, but this is not always a known value...

also, readsf~ simply plays the audio. so if you're using it to fill an 
array with a 2 minute sample, you have to wait 2 minutes until the 
sample is completely loaded.

you could consider maybe readanysf~*? i haven't tried it myself, but i 
believe it's supposed to counter some of these problems?

also, there was a threaded soundfiler patch for .36 i think. how did 
that work?


* http://aug.ment.org/readanysf/

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