Fw: [PD] Good PD programming practice?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 5 00:31:50 CET 2004

Anton Woldhek hat gesagt: // Anton Woldhek wrote:

>  Im not the one to say anything sensible on this,
>  just that im rather keen to find out abou this aswell.
>  Ive seen how to keep small patches organized, 
>  how do people do it with the larger scale things?

I'm working on an example of how to organize a large collection of
cooperating patches in the RRADical project. See:
http://footils.org/cms/pydiddy/wiki/RradicalPd and
http://pure-data.iem.at/community/projects/rradical/ (mirror of
dns-challenged http://pure-data.org/community/projects/rradical/) for

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