[PD] Good PD programming practice?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 5 00:57:42 CET 2004

Patrick Pagano hat gesagt: // Patrick Pagano wrote:

> But then the question for me is
> What about when you know what you want to do but can't patch it yet?

Learn, learn, learn.... ;) 

Anecdote: When I discovered Pd about 3 or 4 years ago, I felt at home
soon, but I also realized, that it would take *years* to get familiar
with it to the degree I would like to be familiar with it. I gave
myself a span of 4 years in which I would not even try to do any real
music with Pd but instead just invest time to learn it. I thought, 4
years would be a good span, because that's about as long as studying
something at university takes here.

> I have been agonising over trying to go fully into one OS (OS X )
> and i know we have disagreed on this before but what i woudl like to do 
> is port
> Improsculpt to pd
> This is by far the coolest csound instrument(GUI) in recent years
> http://www.teks.no/oeyvind/frames/Index.htm
> it rules. it can grab up to 14 5 second loops into buffer
> then it has a network of EFX and granular functions
> as well as a BAss Synth that reacts to the input etc..
> It is Quite marvelous but csound on OSX does not quite support FLTK 
> opcodes
> So i was wondering woul danyone be willing in this project as well?

This is a cool project, and actually not that far away from what
RRADical should achieve, but in RRADical, I'd like to patch the
bricks, from which something like Improsculpt can be built with ease.
At least this is the phiosophy behind it, but give me another half
year (or at least some months) to make this actually happen. 

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