[PD] raw keyboard input?

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Mar 5 00:55:58 CET 2004

i'm still w/out a clue - loaded the modules you suggested, still 
nothing. awaiting lightning bolt or cartoon light bulb above my head.

fortunately the newest pdp (0.12.3) reports keypress events in the xv 
window (thanks for this feature, by the way), so this takes care of my 
immediate problem.

thanks anyway,

Christian Klippel wrote:
> hi,
> Am Mittwoch, 3. März 2004 16:04 schrieb Bill Sack:
> [...snip...]
>>i found and built hans' linuxevent objects, but i'm missing some basic
>>bit of information regarding the linux event system. the hid module is
>>loaded on my machine, but trying any of the examples in linuxhid reports
>>something like:
>>[linuxevent] open /dev/input/keyboard failed
>>googling around produced the USB HID for Linux USB document which didn't
>>really help that much.
> you need the following, either as modules or compiled in your kernel :
> evdev 
> input 
> the hid module alone wont help you ....
> "input" grabs "hid", "evdev" grabs "input" to make it available as 
> /dev/input/eventX
> greets,
> chris
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Bill Sack

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