[PD] Gem 3D Text

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Mar 5 09:56:48 CET 2004


timon botez wrote:
> Hi, I have a small problem with the Gem 3dText object. When I send a 
> stream of single words to the object, the baseline keeps shifting. This 
> happens when the word has a descending character. I tried to send a 
i think you have discovered a bug.

> <center> message through justify but I only get this reply: error: GEM: 
> TextBase: invalid height justification: center. Anyone else experienced 
> this?

the error message is somewhat misleading and the help patch is wrong.
the syntax for justification is
"justify center|left|right [middle|top|bottom] [halfway|front|back]"
for alignment long the x- y- and z-axis.
(the docs does speaks of "center" for y-alignment too but this really 
should read "middle")
((i guess "center", "middle" and "halfway" should be made aliases to 
avoid confusion))

anyhow, with "discovering a bug" i mean, that even if you do 
justification along the y-axis, yo ustill get baseline-shifting.

i'll have a look at this.


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