[PD] Ive tired everything

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Mar 5 16:52:55 CET 2004

I have tried everything.
I cannot get gem built, because it wont fine openGL

This is my last apeal, I swear!

Ive installed the and built the source: glut-3.7 and Mesa 6.0.
Ive insealled numerous rpms: wxGTK-*, glut-3.7, Xfree86-Mesa-libGL

Put every path imagineable into my ld.so.conf file and run sudo ldconfig:

Ive Hardcoded into the config file paths to the GL libraries.

Ive downloaded the CVS and done all these things.

Is Gem just not possible on Fedora Core 2 test 1 running linux kernel 2.6.3?

Thanks for ANY help,

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