[PD] installing new externals on OS-X

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Fri Mar 5 16:52:33 CET 2004

I've been playing with another approach, which I think is more mac 
You can include almost  everything inside the application bundle 
without much effort using Platypus:

this is the bundle I use currently, it's not complete at all but ...

The only thing left out is Tcl/Tk (I'm using tigital's 8.5), but I 
think it could be included as well.
This has the advantage that you can add any externals and move 
everything within a single file (bundle).

To see what I mean, just open the package contents and find a file 
called "script". You can mantain eveything there.
I think this can evolve to something quite complete and still very 



El 05/03/2004, a las 3:01, Hans-Christoph Steiner escribió:

> The current installer puts its files into /usr/local/lib/pd, but you 
> can
> put your files wherever you want, as long as you add a -path and maybe
> -helppath line to your .pdrc.
> For the next release, I am planning on having Pd installed into
> /Applications/Pure Data.app, then setting up /Library/Application
> Support/Pure Data and ~/Library/Application Support/Pure Data for 
> add-ons.
> .hc
> On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, greg kellum wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just (re)installed Pd on OS-X using the Pd OS-X installer. The 
>> Percolate
>> external doesn't come with this distribution. So I would like to 
>> install it
>> myself, but I haven't been able to figure out where the OS-X installer
>> writes its files and how one adds new externals to the installation. 
>> Could
>> anyone help me with this?
>> Thanks,
>> Greg Kellum
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