[PD] Extreme Newbie Question: Flow Order?

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 5 18:36:50 CET 2004


are you talking about this?:

"2.3.3. hot and cold inlets and right to left outlet order

With few exceptions (notably "timer"), objects treat their leftmost inlet as
"hot" in the sense that messages to RIGHT inlets can result in output

I don't know, why here is written "RIGHT".

I'm not an absolute pd-crack, but the [+ ] behaves like a normal object.
Normally the right inlet acts as an argument and the left inlet let the
object output something (as you found out with the [+ ]-object.

good luck


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> Hi, I'm brand-new with PD.  I'm on Tutorial "03.connections", and I'm a
> firm believer in not advancing to the next level of complexity until you
> fully understand the level you're on.  So....
> The first bit of text in the Tutorial says that input to the rightmost
> inlet causes the function do be done.  However, what follows is an
> example of an addition object that only executes when the leftmost inlet
> receives input.  (The rightmost input acts as an argument for the
> operation in this case.)
> So, my question is this:  is there something special about the "+"
> object that makes it an exception to the "rightmost" rule all the time,
> or is there something special about the way it's set up that makes it an
> exception to the rule?
> Thanks in advance for helping a novice!
> rs
> <9يXX zfi r髛j)fj b˝? b

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