[PD] impd 0.37.A

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 5 20:09:26 CET 2004

Ok, I'm moving to an even more experimental mode wrt the state of the
"impd_0_37" branch of the CVS, and most likely it will be broken for a
while, with a few nasty bugs around, so for you normal people around here
who have real projects going on but still want to benefit from impd's
changes, here's how it goes. Just update pd/src to the impd_0_37_A_2
tag. Note that this tag doesn't exist outside of that directory, but
anyway pd/src is the only directory I'm really modifying, for now.


Impd 0.37.A (-r impd_0_37_A) :

 * forked from devel_0_37, 2004.02.21
 * added console for post()
   * .pdrc: -console <number_of_lines>
 * added button bar (that does like Ctrl+E & Put menu)
   * .pdrc: -look <directory_of_icons>
     (remember you can't use ~ nor $HOME in .pdrc)
   * includes a selectable windowid (for those who know how to use it)
 * class list dialog
   * scans for loaded classes, abstractions/externs dirs
   * help button fetches help file without needing to instantiate first
   * filter box helps finding classes quickly
   * displays some info on the class, like a list of defined methods and such.
 * statusbar shows cursor position (enable with -statusbar)

Impd 0.37.A.2 (-r impd_0_37_A_2) :
 * merged GG's reverting of "quote hack"

Mathieu Bouchard                       http://artengine.ca/matju

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