[PD] MIDI In Device: 'Host error'

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 5 22:26:17 CET 2004


Always when i start pd (with "pd-start".bat), i get the message:

"could not open midi input 1 (Midi In Delta-AP): Port-Midi: 'Host error' "

i normally start pd in asio mode (smaller latency). but if i change to (Media > ) standard MMIO and then back to ASIO, it's possible to enable Midi-Input without getting this message. 

Does anybody know, what the problem might be? (pd0.37 on win98SE, M-Audio Delta-AP)

does the sequence of commands in the .bat-file have an influence on whether the program
starts correctly or not?

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