[PD] [vcf~] : Q / output level relationship

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Sat Mar 6 23:19:02 CET 2004


I'm using the [vcf~] filter quite a lot these times

of course, when you raise the Q factor, as the peak narrows, the volume 

I would like to set up something automatic that tunes automatically the output 
volume of vcf~ in function of Q 

For example, something simple like output_lev = input_lev * k * Q (if Q > 0) 
where k is a multiplicative factor
I don't know about this "k" factor ; I could find it empirically, but isn't 
there a more serious way of determinating it ? (assuming the input signal is 
white noise)

Also, when Q = 7, for example, what is the bandwidth of the filter ?

thanks a lot for your help


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