[PD] band-limited square wave

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Mar 7 15:09:20 CET 2004

Martin Dupras hat gesagt: // Martin Dupras wrote:

> Does anyone know how to generate band-limited square waves (or other 
> classi waeforms) in PD?

Apart from the other suggestions already told, I'd like to mention the
approach of using externals to create bandlimited waves. I don't know
such an external currently (there surely are such beasts), but I like
using LADSPA plugins on Linux to create lots of "analog" sounding,
bandlimited square,... waves, for example the analogueOsc from Steve
Harris' collection is cool, but there also are some other bandlimited
LADSPA-oscillators available. It surely is possible to port them to
native Pd externals.

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