[PD] Portaudio not working on WinXP with Echo Mona Laptop

acabrera at teleset.com.co acabrera at teleset.com.co
Sun Mar 7 15:53:04 CET 2004

Hi all, 
I'm pretty new to pure data, and when selecting the ASIO (portaudio) option in 
the Media menu, Pure Data crashes with the following error:

Aplicación con errores: pd.exe, versión:, módulo con error: 
asioechowdm.dll, versión, dirección de error 0x00001879.

It is definetely an incompatibility with my ASIO driver, but what's strange is 
that it behaves perfectly with CsoundAV, which also uses portaudio. MMIO works 
fine, but doesn't give me more than four channels and is not usable at low 
latency. Any ideas?

I'm using a Laptop P4 1.6G 512RAM. WindowsXP service pack 1. 
I have an Echo Mona Laptop interface (driver version 6.08)
I have Pure Data version 0.37.0.

Thanks in advance,
Andres Cabrera

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