[PD] pd w/ tcl/tk8.5

carmen ix at replic.net
Mon Mar 8 03:11:35 CET 2004

pd is extremely fast on windows 2003 with the beta version of tk8.5. not an expert at performance profiling, and not sure which gains are due to compiling with vc7.1 vs 6.0, and which are due to tcl8.5 vs 8.3, but in any case my completely nonscientific test finds the following..

(basic patch, playing 2 sliced audio loops, lighting up a radio button for each slice)

0.37.1 .zip (vc6, tcl/tk 8.3)	
	total cpu: 25%
               pd  17%
             wish  3%
            video  3%

same pd+patch, with envgen moving around 5 hsliders:
           system: 35%
               pd  20%
               wish 6%
       video driver 6%

0.37.1 vc7.1 + tcl/tk 8.5
           system: 2%
             pd  0.25
            wish 0.33
           video 0.33
  w/ the automated sliders, system cpu fluxuates between 2-3%

the additional couple percent is taken up by taskinfo (www.iarsn.com) and the system itself, a 1.4ghz athlon. this is using the precompiled tk binaries from activestate.com (click next to skip the email form)

in case any windows users dont feel like dl a couple gb of compilers, the 'fast' 0.37.1 bins are at http://whats-your.name/pd/pd-0.37.1-tcl8.5.rar . to avoid the whole windows users needing binaries issue, i think mingw might be the solution, it is a port of GCC designed specifically for win32 apps..tried it but got hung up on some pthreads issues, gave up for now but i think it would be great to have a unified build process on linux, mac osx & windows...

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