[PD] Hammerfall : setting up latency for Pd

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Mon Mar 8 12:08:55 CET 2004


All this happens under Windows XP

I discovered there was a slight latency when I use [adc~] with my sound card, 
and it would be good to reduce it (I currently don't have any performance 

in the configuration panel of the HDSP card, "Buffer Size (latency)" is 128 
samples (3 ms)

which command line should I use for launching Pure Data ?

the current one is :
pd.exe -r 44100 -inchannels 8 -outchannels 8 -audioindev 2 -audiooutdev 2 -
asio -blocksize 128 
Therefore only the pd internal I/O audio buffer size is explicitely specified 
here, not the sound card I/O audio buffer size
128 is weak for "-blocksize", I should set it to 2 or 4

So maybe this one would be better :
C:\pd\bin\pd.exe -r 44100 -inchannels 8 -outchannels 8 -audioindev 2 -
audiooutdev 2 -asio -audiobuf 3 -blocksize 4 

actually, I don't know what the "-asio" flag automatically imply :

* does pd automatically choose the ASIO Hammerfall driver ? (and not DirectX, 
Multimedia or another ASIO or ASIO-compatible driver) ; I think it does, 
because "-audioindev 2" and "-audiooutdev 2" is the device number of the HDSP 
on my computer
* does pd use a 128-sample audio buffer (or any other size specified in the 
sound card panel) ---- so "-audiobuf 3" would be useless

Thanks for your help,

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