[PD] swapping from netsend to OSC

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Mon Mar 8 17:00:57 CET 2004

Hi, Ive been doing a project that allows people to play music in real time
over a network or the internet , etc. 
I have this working by sending midi messages over the net using netsend,
although this works perfectly with  a LAN or a really high speed internet
connection , there is alot of latency with normal internet connections.
I had a look at OSC before I started this project and found it difficult to
understand and use, there was little tutorials for it too, but my question
is, would it be a big job to change how my program works if I used OSC
instead of netsend/netreceive?
At the moment I have several number boxes attached to different netsend
objects, everything goes through a different port number, like for volume I
use port 3001, for sending pitch bend I use port 3002, etc and as I change
these numbers the other person receives them instantly, would this be
possible with OSC???
I'm not sure how to get started with it
Thanks for any help if you can

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