[PD] swapping from netsend to OSC

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Mon Mar 8 17:43:59 CET 2004

Hmmm, I think you'd want to be a super musician to be able to play
constantly out of time like that 
: (,  I tried both TCP and UDP and, and although TCP was slower it was
steadily slower, whereas UDP might sometimes might have been perfect other
times it was awful, e.g. 3 notes might come in at the same time after about
5 seconds. Ah well cheers for the help

Adrian deCleir wrote:
> At the moment I have several number boxes attached to different netsend
> objects, everything goes through a different port number, like for volume
> use port 3001, for sending pitch bend I use port 3002, etc and as I change
> these numbers the other person receives them instantly, would this be
> possible with OSC???

Since OSC uses exactly the same network that netsend uses and has a bit 
more overhead it can only be slower. The real problem is that the 
realworld internet is not instantaneous and packets can be delayed by 
unpredictable amounts up to many seconds - try traceroute to some site 
to see how long it can take.
Using UDP for the connection instead of TCP improves latency by 
dispensing with some handshaking and error-detection.
OSC theoretically supports timestamps, so you could introduce a known 
delay for everyone...if the beat were set to a multiple of this delay, 
you could play out of time but still be in sync...probably only a 
certain kind of techno music would be acceptable to play like this 

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