[PD] Recording to Disk

Johannes Taelman j0 at advalvas.be
Mon Mar 8 17:50:43 CET 2004

A small off-topic story:

Last week I was doing a 8-channel live multitrack location-recording, 
but I forgot my cubase dongle, so I couldn't use cubase :o

So I made a quick pd patch with writesf~ :) That worked out fine, no 
single glitch in the recordings.

The only minor problem was the writesf~ appeared to write files bigger 
than 2GB, but readsf~ couldn't open them afterwards. So I made sure 
everything was recorded in chunks smaller than 2GB.

So writesf~ is definately able to record more than a second [on WinXP 
with hammerfall dsp soundcard]. Is sound I/O working stable on your 
system? Is there free space on your hard disk? Does the folder you're 
recording to, exist? Is there any error message in the pd command 
("dos") window?


Owen Cartwright wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am a new user to the wonderful world of PD and am having some 
> trouble recording to my hard disk. Using the 'writesf~' command will 
> only allow me to record around one second of audio. I have also tried 
> using sfrecord of the zexy library but with no success. 
> I am running the latest verson of PD on WindowsXP and using a Realtek 
> AC'97 sound card... any suggestions? thanks,
>        Owen C.

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