[PD] Running GEM on OS X - newbie

Paul Schrank scharke at pgeek.com
Mon Mar 8 18:37:45 CET 2004

Thank you for the responses to "Is Pure Data right for my project". 
I've decided to pursue Pure Data further, but clearly I need a little 
help getting started:

- I cannot seem to start GEM from Pure Data on Mac OS X. I found these 
To use GEM type something like: /usr/local/bin/pd -lib 

(where /usr/local/bin/pd is the path to the pd directory and  
/Users/zmoelnig/pd is the path where the Gem.pd_darwin resides).  Check 
out the README for Pd to see examples of the -lib flag. If you just try 
to "run" GEM, you will get an error! Notice that last word is a capital 
Gem. If you get a "can't find gem_setup" error, then that is the 
problem. Look in the GEM FAQ
for trouble shooting suggestions.

If you don't see startup messages from GEM, then something went wrong.
Also, you might need to add pd/bin to your PATH environment variable.
So in terminal I open "New Command" then type "/usr/local/bin/pd -lib 
/Library/Pd/Externals/Gem" which is modified to reflect the file paths 
on my computer, but it launches a second instance of Pure Data and not 

- Secondly, is there a way to see all the available objects in Mac os x?


Paul Schrank

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