[PD] one other thing, bout sending info to a message

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Mon Mar 8 18:48:23 CET 2004

well, I dont mind how much space it takes up its just the fact that I have
to write it out so many times is the problem, Ill have a look at the pack
object or something, or see can I turn the IP into some variable so I only
have to write it once, like variable =
so itl be like   |connect variable 3005|
			|connect variable 3006| etc
hopefully Ill find something that does that, any suggestions appreciated
thanks for the help

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Adrian deCleir wrote:
> Ok I dont know if this is possible its sounds a bit weird, but In a
> I have where people play music together over the internet or a network
> is several netsend connections, each one for something different, like
> |connect 3001| for volume, then |connect 3002| for
> the actual note, and | connect 3003| for pitch bend or
> different like that, this means I have about 10 netsends overall , all for
> different features.
> This means when Im connecting with someone different I have to write in
> IP address 10 times for everything to work, this project is for college
> a problem like this will seriously make the project look bad, 
> any ideas?
Use OSC with one connection and path-like routing of parameters, 
something like:

   as in is there a way of just writing the IP once and send it to
> all the different |connect| messages
> so it'd be like this
> you write in the IP here | | and it sends it out to all the
> ones like it shows there
>                                     |   |
> |____________________________________
>                                     |   |_________________________
> |
> 	                        |
> |			 | |connect 5002| 
> 	                     |connect 5000|           |
> 							|connect
> 5001| 
Something like:

|        |5000(
|        |
[pack s f]
|connect $1 $2(

...takes up almost as much space!

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