[PD] Running GEM on OS X - newbie

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Mar 8 18:58:24 CET 2004

Paul Schrank wrote:

> So in terminal I open "New Command" then type "/usr/local/bin/pd -lib 
> /Library/Pd/Externals/Gem" which is modified to reflect the file paths 
> on my computer, but it launches a second instance of Pure Data and not GEM.

this looks perfect.
does the terminal say something about gem being loaded (witha lot of 
credits) ?
then you should be able to work with Gem.
"Gem is not a standalone application. it is a library for pd, adding the 
functionality to do 3D-graphics and blah blah blah)

> - Secondly, is there a way to see all the available objects in Mac os x?



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