[PD] Recording to Disk

Johannes Taelman j0 at advalvas.be
Mon Mar 8 19:57:16 CET 2004

Yes, but I think the writesf~ help patch 
("pd/doc/5.reference/help-writesf~.pd") is the authorative example.

But hey, in that example there is a [del 1000] object (del is shorthand 
for delay) connected that can stop the recording automatically one 
second after starting the recording. Did you copy that part too?


Owen Cartwright wrote:

> Do you think you could send me a pd example of writesf~ so I could compare
> it with my own?
> many thanks
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>>A small off-topic story:
>>Last week I was doing a 8-channel live multitrack location-recording,
>>but I forgot my cubase dongle, so I couldn't use cubase :o
>>So I made a quick pd patch with writesf~ :) That worked out fine, no
>>single glitch in the recordings.
>>The only minor problem was the writesf~ appeared to write files bigger
>>than 2GB, but readsf~ couldn't open them afterwards. So I made sure
>>everything was recorded in chunks smaller than 2GB.
>>So writesf~ is definately able to record more than a second [on WinXP
>>with hammerfall dsp soundcard]. Is sound I/O working stable on your
>>system? Is there free space on your hard disk? Does the folder you're
>>recording to, exist? Is there any error message in the pd command
>>("dos") window?
>>  j#|@
>>Owen Cartwright wrote:
>>>    I am a new user to the wonderful world of PD and am having some
>>>trouble recording to my hard disk. Using the 'writesf~' command will
>>>only allow me to record around one second of audio. I have also tried
>>>using sfrecord of the zexy library but with no success.
>>>I am running the latest verson of PD on WindowsXP and using a Realtek
>>>AC'97 sound card... any suggestions? thanks,
>>>       Owen C.
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