[PD] [Fwd: www.pure-data.again]

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Mar 8 22:06:45 CET 2004


Am Montag, 8. März 2004 09:59 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:


> of course we (the iem) would be very willingly to register the domain
> ourselves.

i thought that already... 

> this might make things a bit easier for us (as we are already hosting
> the dns and the website itself).
> so the problem is not who will pay for it, but rather how to get the
> domain-ownership transferred.
> i have contacted jfm already, but now we are waiting for the registrar
> to answer our requests.

thats logical.... not that i thought someone ran out of money, its just that 
it is part of my day-life to handle domains, and it would be no problem to do 
so (look up ck440-ripe in whois).....

but sure, if you have everything (dns, ....) already, it wouldnt make sense to 
seperate the dns from the server-location ......

> mfg.asd.r
> IOhannes



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