[PD] [PD]pidip MAC OSX

Marc Pinnekamp marc.pinnekamp at gmx.net
Tue Mar 9 18:14:17 CET 2004

Hello pd's,

I am tweakin around with pd, pdp and pidip on my powerbook. Everything 
is fine with installation but worrying about pidip features for my 
lovely MAC.

Is there a documentation out there whats definitley working with Macc OS X?
Will a newer Version of pidip support everything, formost v4l, on the MAC?

I really would like to use the ASCI ART and other features, or do I have 
to buy a Linux Machine?

Thankx for your understanding and help!

PS: Are there some MAC PD German speaking people who may want to make up 
a PD group? Interests, Arguing and everything else -> personally.
dr.huppertz at gmx.net

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