[PD] Creating signal patches by messages

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 9 23:43:20 CET 2004

Roman Haefeli hat gesagt: // Roman Haefeli wrote:

> it seems that computation of audio is only updated by any "manual" action in
> edit mode. i think every time you do something the pd-patch is "rewritten"
> in the background, but not if changes are made by a message.

Some more tests here revealed, that it has to do something with the
dsp chain, which seems to not be update when DSP is on, but an
abstraction with dsp code inside is instatiated. 

In the example I posted earlier, you can do edits as long as you do
not affect the dsp chain. So you can create a number box or so, but
you cannot do things like moving the osc~ object without turning on
audio finally.

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