[PD] Still with the GEM!

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Wed Mar 10 00:17:05 CET 2004

Im trying to get gem-cvs compiled STILL, and configure still cant find my openGL libraries!

I know I have /usr/local/src/libGL.so and that /usr/local/src/lib is in my ld.so.conf file, and though my mesa library is libOSMesa.so and configure is looking for -lMesaGL, configure doesnt find the GL part, so perhaps something is wrong with my glut sources?

Will somebody point me to the sources of mesa and glut (-> GL) that they used for there gem install? Could it be that my glut and mesa are somhow wrong, even though I got them from openGl.org? I am totaly at a loss.
Could it be a configure script problem?

Arrgh! I feel so impotent...



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