[PD] Still with the GEM!

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 10 13:27:24 CET 2004

sorry for not answering any sooner.

thewade wrote:
> Im trying to get gem-cvs compiled STILL, and configure still cant find my openGL libraries!
> I know I have /usr/local/src/libGL.so and that /usr/local/src/lib is in my ld.so.conf file, and though my mesa library is libOSMesa.so and configure is looking for -lMesaGL, configure doesnt find the GL part, so perhaps something is wrong with my glut sources?
> Will somebody point me to the sources of mesa and glut (-> GL) that they used for there gem install? Could it be that my glut and mesa are somhow wrong, even though I got them from openGl.org? I am totaly at a loss.
> Could it be a configure script problem?

glut is not openGL (but depends on it); you don't really need glut for 
getting Gem to run (unless you are in desparate need for the [teapot])

personally i am using the debian-packages to install xlibmesa3-gl 
xlibmesa-gl-dev (and *-glu*).

so let us start from scratch

simply do "export LIBS=-L/path/to/my/libraries/that/cannot/be/found"
prior to running configure.
"export" is bash-specific, you might have to use something different for 
your shell.

thus the following file "gltest.c" compile on your system
char glInitNames();
int main() {
  return 0;

compile it with "gcc gltest.c -lGL"

does it work ?
can it find the GL-library ?

if not, try "gcc gltest.c -lGL -L/path/to/my/libraries/that/cannot/be/found"

eventually, try to install the libraries to some place that is searched 
for sure (e.g. /usr/local/lib/),
either with a "make install" (if this works) or by soft-linking the *.so 
files there.

hope this will help a bit.


PS: try to set your mail-programm to break lines at 80 characters.

PPS: indeed, probably i should change the configure, so that additional 
library paths for the GemLibs can be passed via "--gemlibs=" and use the 
"--libdir=" for things like this.

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