[PD] Gem Win

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 10 14:59:45 CET 2004

timon botez wrote:
> Im looking at possibly using GEM to output different graphics onto 8 or 
> 16 monitors. I have found some graphics cards that supports it (windows 
> platform), but before I go ahead and purchase Id like to find out if GEM 
> has a multiple screen output option. Are there any resources regarding 
> this? And has anyone done this in the past?
i have not (yet ;-)) used GEM like this.

gem is not able to access multiple screens by itself.
however, if the "X-Server" is able, to create one virtual "Desktop" out 
of 16 screens, then i don't think that there should be any problems.
(just create single big Gem-window that covers all screens)

most probably, you will have no openGL-acceleration on all screens, 
which might become a problem, as the resolution will be *huge* and doing 
this in software might be too much, even for fast CPUs.


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