[PD] Good PD programming practice?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Mar 10 17:27:20 CET 2004

One area that patcher languages really do well in is rapid prototyping. 
  With Pd you can whip out a working prototype really quickly, but they 
generally it'll be really whack and hard to follow or modify.  One 
thing patcher languages are not so good at is managing complexity.  
Large programs seem to get crazy and unmanagable relatively easily.  
This leads me to an interesting paradox about programming that has 
stuck with me since 1993 when I was taking Computer Science in college. 
  Some famous computer scientist (I forget exactly who) said "you have 
to write the program in order to know how to write the program."

I have found that this actually makes a lot of sense, so when 
programming with Pd, first I try to whip out a working prototype, then 
start again from scratch and build it the way it should be done, with 
things nicely modularized into objects (abstractions generally).

It would be great if we could gather this info into a common page.  
There are a massive amount of books about programming techniques for 
procedural and object oriented languages, but there is basically 
nothing about programming techniques for patcher languages, even though 
they have been around for 20+ years and are decently widespread in use.


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