[PD] flext (or lack of it) update..

chris tyrrell shaper_mechanist at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 19:53:10 CET 2004

so i suppose this mostly goes out to mr. grill,
well anyway i have sort of figured out the command
line aspects of pd but i still havent compiled flext,
basically i just wanted to know what you mean by "edit
config-pd-bcc.txt, run build-pd-bcc.bat", like i
understand the whole running the .bat but what is the
relavence of the text file? does it provide
information for the compiling process, also im not
100% sure how to edit it, obviously i have to change
the configuration to suit my computer but im not sure
about the syntax, i know from the whole command line
thing that getting the syntax right is very
important...well im sorry for all this whining (im
sick of newbie whining already and im just a newbie
too) but i do seem to need some help.


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